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ends labor day at sleep train. >> this is the bay area news station. kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> at 11:00, the bay bridge is shut down. commuters look for other ways to get around. >> crazy, i'm going to have to do bart tomorrow. >> crews working to transition the old roadway to the new eastern span. good evening everybody, i'm pam moore. tonight, crews got to work as soon as the bridge shut down at 8:00 this evening. this is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at all the vehicles. they are all lit up and ready to work. all lanes on both sides of the bay bridge will be closed the next five days. the bay bridge is set to reopen tuesday, september 3 after labor day. scott rates is live tonight with a closer look at the work
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that needs to be done in the coming daying. scott? >> reporter: well pam, you are right. the crews are not wasting time. they got right to work when the bridge shut down. several crews out here. they have bulldozers, trucks, all kinds of things working on this section of road. here they are actually grinding this section of road down into the concrete. now walk with me over here. i want to show you what is going on on the other side here. there is the poll booth. all of them closed tonight. on the other side, the crews you just saw will be working over there in about three hours and they will actually be going into the ground about six inches into the ground grinding it, putting in a new filtration system and a drainage system. this is what it looked like today at 8:00. the very last car crossed the bridge for the last time today going off into the sunset. very fitting, the 1930 ford
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model a car that made the final trek down the old eastern span. there will be 400 workers over here at any given time working on the bridge. 2,000-truckloads of asphalt coming in and 3,000-truckloads of debris will be taken out of here. some of the work will be in the tunnel section, they will put a polyester overlay on. a spokesperson for the bridge tonight says so far, everything has gone very smooth out here. >> the bay bridge was closed very successfully. workers got to work very quickly. it was obviously quite a bit of activity. we want to get the work done as efficiently as possible so we can get drivers on the new east span as quickly as possible. >> reporter: and again the bulk of the work being done here on the eastern span is where most of it will be taking place
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tonight by the toll booth. hope flay they can get all the work done. reporting live, scott rates, kron 4 news. continuing our team coverage on the bay bridge shut down, jr stone reports where the chp closed an onramp shortly after 8:00. >> reporter: the california highway patrol said all of the onramping to the bay bridge would be closed at the same time. it appears all of the crews out of here at fifth and bryant. this was an area an onramp that was closed just after 8:00. we have officers here. we have street crews. both of these units showed up around 7:00 this evening. again, it didn't close until around 8:00, one of the interesting things we saw at this location, more than a dozen semitrucks rolled into this area. these are trucks that will likely be used to haul off
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materials from the bay bridge. reporting from san francisco, jr stone, kron 4 news. >> with the bay bridge shut down now in effect, kron 4's alecia reid shows us every way to get around the bay area. >> reporter: bart expects a good amount of the people that usually drive across the bridge to hop on the trains over the labor day weekend. 14 of their stations will offer 24 hour service with trains running every hour during the times they are normally closed. those locations include, dublin pleasantton, san francisco airport. concord. keep in mind, they have to close down four hours early tuesday morning. so from midnight to 4:00 a.m., there will be no access because of the state mandated train inspections. all transit bus services across the bridge have been suspended until the new bridge opens.
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>> people who usually take the bus could hop on the same bus, but it would dump them off at bart station for their continued trip to san francisco. >> reporter: the san francisco bay ferry expects a 16% increase in riders the next few days. extra boats will be heading to and from the oakland, alameda main street harbor bay terminals. ferries depart every 45 minutes during peak hours. with all these added services, transit officials advise giving yourself enough time. alecia reid, kron 4 news. >> and stay with kron 4. we will keep you updated. you can get the latest on the website and on our new kron 4 app. there is a special tile devoted to the bay bridge. and coming up tonight, the nation commemorates the 50 year
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anniversary of martin luther king's i have a dream walk to a resident who was there. a fire quickly spreads through a fairfield neighborhood. a look at the damage left behind. >> and the fog is already moving back show you how extensive it is for your morning commute. that's coming up. a7
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>> firefighters are beginning to make some progress battling the rim fire at yosemite national park. tonight, all-star immediate da county fire says the crews it deployed a week ago are on their way back home after a strike team relieved them of their duties. here is what we know tonight. the rim fire has charred more than 192,000 acres. more than 300 square miles. the wild fire is 30% contained and that is up from 23% earlier today. the san francisco public
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utilities commission says that the city's water supply and the hetch hetchy reservoir remains unaffected by this massive rim fire. kron 4's philippe djegal shows us the best pictures. >> reporter: the new images paint a very smoky and fiery picture as you can see. the fire is still emitting what looks like a volcanic eruption. helicopters filled with water knock down the flames. you can see a member of the california national guard. you can barely see the chopper as it makes it's flyover. that area is engulf with smoke. crews fighting the hot spots on the north western part of owe tim tee yosemite national park. this battle is costing more
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than 33 million-dollars so far. more than 5500 structures remain threatened by firefighters are making head way on this fire now focusing their attention on building containment lines on the north western and southeast parts of the burn zone. in tuolumne county, philippe djegal, kron 4 news. tonight, we have an update on the fairfield fire that swept through on tuesday. five homes were destroyed, 10 homes were damaged. nobody was hurt and the city of fairfield is holding a disaster recovery meeting tomorrow morning for residents who were affected by this blaze. coming up, the end of the world or the bay bridge closing? i personally believe the results will be the same. i will show you in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> coming up in sports, the as working in detroit. and the giants going head to
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head in colorado. highlights of both games, plus, colin kaepernick on the cover of sports illustrated. >> and a historic day as the bay bridge shuts down five days. this is the video of the last car to cross the 76-year-old bridge. crews already working tonight to transition the old roadway to the new eastern span. stay with us. kron 4 news at 11:00 continues after the break.
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>> new at 11:00, kron 4's stanley roberts tells us about the exodus of people leaving the bay bridge for the last time in this edition of people behaving badly. >> reporter: if you want to see people behaving badly, i suggest announcing that you are going to close a bridge for five days. oh wait, they did. pay no attention to this driver. he is from texas. that must be how they do things. that is how we do it here too. moving on. the bay bridge is closed so we will get a slightly better bridge that will last 150
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years, or whichever comes first. hey dude, the bridge is the other way. there you go. some people thought it was safe to stay across in the car pool lane. it wasn't. these guys got into a fender bender. so what better place to exchange information than in the lane of traffic? if traffic is backed up, simply use the oncoming traffic lane. after all, no one else is using it. the one thing that seems to irk drivers are people who are in such a rush, they don't have time to wait like normal people. you can make left turns when it clearly says no left turns. [horn honking] >> reporter: and you absolutely must lay on the horn even if it is illegal and annoying. remember to make your own turning lane. pay no attention to the man
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with the ticket book. and stay off your cell phones unless you want to be featured on people behaving badly. you know what? maybe we should shut the bridge down every other weekend. it makes for good material. i'm not joking. in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. today marks the 50th anniversary of the march on washington and one of the most historic speeches of all time. dr. martin luther king jr. 's i have a dream speech. president obama was among the thousands who gathered on the national mall in washington to honor those who marched and thought for civil rights. here in the bay area, kron 4's haaziq madyun caught up with someone who was there for the original gathering and marched back in 1963. >> yes. >> reporter: you are look at a newspaper clipping photo of the legendary former oakland parts
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and recks supervisor paterson. taken when he was at the historic march on washington. >> king was a catalyst. >> reporter: on this 50th anniversary of king's i have a dream speech, patterson reflects on being there that monumental day. >> you think all these folk are going to washington. am i going to go to? nothing kept me back. >> reporter: nothing held back patterson who developed such great oakland sports luminaries like kirk flood and bill russell. always inspiring others, however, patterson says it was king who inspired him as he it is on the board of directors on the east bay municipal utility
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district. >> i it is on the board of directors of one of the largest water and waste agencies in america. >> reporter: and that's a part of martin's legacy? >> absolutely. >> reporter: in oakland, haaziq madyun, kron 4 news. the fog is already moving back in. it is down in san jose and out through the livermore valley. visibility is not too bad, but the fog will continue to settle in. it is dense in patches near the coastline right now. that is where it will stay overnight. it will clear faster leading to warmer conditions. it will be warmer into friday, but cooler weather is ahead for the weekend. satellite and radar picture showing a storm passing us to the north. there is the tail end of it. this increased our sea breeze winds tonight. they are going to die down tomorrow. we will have less fog for friday. here is a look at fog tracker for the 6:00 hour.
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morning widespread low cloud coverage. by the 8:00 hour, it is lifting from the north bay. by 10:00, it is back to the bay shores hovering through the livermore valley and san jose, very quickly back to the coastline. lit clear a little faster out there. temperatures will be slightly warmer. in the low 80s . 82 in palo alto. 82 in los gatos. low 90s in antioch. 70s for the east bay shores. 75 for hayward. at the coastline, temperatures in the mid 60s . 68 in san francisco and a range of low to upper 80s for the north bay. your extended forecast, it will be warmer out there tomorrow. we will continue the warming trend into friday. for the weekend, another storm will pass us in the north. that will increase our sea breeze winds once again bringing us cooler
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temperatures. in sports, the giants go almost seven innings without a hit and then rally late. and the as behind the hottest hitter in baseball trying to take three straight from the tigers. jason has all the highlights an sports coming up next. and this is a live picture. the bay bridge is shut down. work crews already starting to replace the old roadway with the new eastern span. it is set to reopen september 3. we will be right back. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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>> welcome back everybody. the as have owned the detroit tigers. bob melvin's club the tigers. 1-0as . kurt suzuki, they just brought him over. he goes 3/4 tonight. top fifth. yoenis cespedes, the single to left. lowrie comes in to score. top six, they break it open. brandon moss will hammer one to the deepest part of the park. two-run homer. he would add another one later in the game. the as go onto win 14/4. 28 runs against the tigers. the first place detroit tigers but the as absolutely crushing them. three straight, they can make it a clean sweep tomorrow.
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giants bats came alive too late in california. madison bumgarner didn't have it tonight. willin rosario comes around to score. the rockies starter, you see him striking out bust ere posey. the no-no is intact into the 7th inning. giants do rally, but come up short. rockies win 5-4. yet another cover for nfl rising star colin kaepernick. he is gracing the cover of sports illustrated for the second time. hard to believe he had just 10 year starts. here is harbal talking about
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his prized quarterback. >> he is a person that studies the game, very impressed with how he goes about his job and he takes on a great responsibility there. he is a very inquisitive guy who wants to know all the details. you have to coach him more or coach him less? he demands to be coached more. that is the kind of person or player he is. >> all right, denver bronco fans are up in arms over this billboard here. other banners around denver featuring the opposing team, baltimore's joe flacco alongside their guy peyton manning. the nfl is trying to promote it. manning says he has never seen anything like it for a regular season game. and broncos fans want to get rid of all of them. they have around 3,000 signatures so far. heisman winner johnny manziel
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got off with a slap on the restment he was suspended for the first half of the opener against rice. put away another 30 minutes after the ncaa and his school decided he signed a bunch of memorabilia and it was sold, but he didn't profit from it. now missy franklin had her introductory press conference. here is a highlight. >> the football coach was talking the other day on telegraph avenue and saw a guy ride down the street naked on a bicycle. have you experienced that? >> that is one of my favorite things about berkeley. there is nowhere else like it. it is so much fun. >> yeah, missy franklin was one of the big stars of the olympics. such a likeable young lady.
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she is now a student at cal for two years. >> goodnight everybody, see you tomorrow. ♪
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